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Head Underwater Archaeologist, Board of Directors

Cave Archaeology Investigation & Research Network (CAIRN)

Research: underwater and terrestrial caves

Duties: research designs, grant writing, fieldwork, publishing, outreach, development

Overview: CAIRN engages in a wide range of archaeological projects. Peter plans, secures funding, and coordinates international underwater and terrestrial cave projects, such as the Midwestern Cave Lake Survey. He also engages in advocacy for the protection of endangered sites.

September 2009 to present

Director-at-Large, Archaeology

Albanian Center for Marine Research

Research: Neolithic through modern

Duties: research designs, grant writing, donations, education programs, fieldwork, publishing, outreach, development

Overview: Serving as one of three directors, Peter works to develop the Center through publishing academic and popular articles, designing and organizing educational programs, increasing the income and grants coming into the Center, planned the first Balkan maritime archaeology workshop, and designed research projects.

July 2011 to present

Research Associate

RPM Nautical Foundation

Research: Classical through modern

Duties: Survey and documentation

Overview: Located across the Adriatic from Italy, Albania is the forgotten crossroads of the ancient Mediterranean. Sites such as the senators’ villas attest to the heavy Roman influence in the region. Communist rule outlawed diving and inadvertently protected coastal sites. The coastal survey has combined remote sensing with scuba surveys from the Greek border to Porto Palermo, locating sites dating from the Classical Period through WWII.

July 2010 to present

Maritime Archaeologist

Pavlopetri Excavation, University of Nottingham and Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities

Research: Late Neolithic through early Iron Age

Duties: Survey and excavation

Overview: Greece has many ancient cities, but even the Parthenon architects would have thought Pavlopetri was ancient. The oldest submerged city in the world, it dates to 5,000 years ago and it sunk beneath the waves around 1000 BC. The site was identified by Nic Flemming in 1967 and recently revisited Jon Henderson and Chrysanthi Gallou from the University of Nottingham, who determined it was actually much older than the Late Bronze Age date that Cambridge attributed it.

May to June 2010, May to June 2011

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