Hello! I am an underwater archaeologist who works all over the world. I research everything from ancient Greek and Roman trade to American Civil War Ironclads and Royal Navy gunboats to sunken cities and underwater caves. Archaeology – and work in general – might as well be exciting, so I am always looking for new ways to explore the past!

I am the Director of Archaeology for the Albanian Center for Marine Research and one of the Field Directors for the Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program. Together with my ACMR and ICEP colleagues I teach international field schools along some of the beautiful and historically important coastline in the world with partners like the regional UNESCO Centre, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, Croatia. The main course photo is one of the incredible sites located along the Adriatic coast.  I also find underwater caves to be enormously interesting and as the underwater archaeologist for the Cave Archaeology Investigation & Research Network (CAIRN) I am editing a book titled The Archaeology of Underwater Caves, due out in fall 2015. I am also an educator on the Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds online course. If you haven’t checked out before, you should- it is free and a great resource.

My PhD in Archaeology is from the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at University of Southampton. My research examines innovation and technological change, primarily through examining an ancient naval battlefield recently discovered off the coast of Sicily by the Soprintendenza Del Mare and RPM Nautical Foundation, where I am a research associate.  Using the latest methods, I am reverse engineering the warship rams and conducting impact testing to figure out how precisely these ancient weapons worked. Impact testing consists of smashing exact replicas of the rams together – science and archaeology!

You can find me on Twitter @peterbcampbell, where I’m often discussing underwater research or engaging in archaeological debates on topics like treasure hunting, theSanta Maria, why Hitler stole art (and why culture is a target during conflict), and the illicit antiquities trade. You can read my papers on Academia.edu or find my current projects at my website. Also head over to MaritimeArchaeology.com, a websites I developed, to find out the latest on the underwater research!


Looking for publications, lectures, and grants? Find them on my CV.